Jewelry for Angels & Demons

 Rosary by Damiani
Angels & Demons, the long-awaited follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, premiered on Monday in Rome. The premiere was just a stone’s throw from the Vatican, creating a bit of controversy since Ron Howard, the director, has been widely quoted saying the Vatican had made it difficult to get permits to film in some locations. The jewelry in the film has religious overtones as well, including rosaries and crosses that were created specifically for the film by Italian jewelry brand Damiani. Silvia Damiani says she drew inspiration from the mystery and emotions that surround the story, and worked with costume designer Daniel Orlandi to research traditional symbols in historical documents. Although the pieces were made specifically for the film, Damiani has also drawn inspiration from the movie to create the new “Angeli & Demoni” collection of crosses, necklaces, and rosary beads in yellow and rose gold with onyx or enamel. Also seen on screen in the movie are a Damiani pendant from Damianissima, which combines the D of the Damiani name in an beautiful repetitive pattern in rose, yellow and white gold with diamonds; and cufflinks from D.Side, co-designed by Damiani and Brad Pitt.
Damianissima Pendant in Angels & Demons
Angels & Demons still

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