Show Report: Affordable Style

Modern Jeweler’s June 2009 issue featured 89 Finds Under $500 retail because we heard from retail jewelers across the country that entry-level price points are the most important part of the market right now.

Once we started searching for them, we were surprised to be able to feature so many great affordable styles, including new designs from brands who are known for high-end fashion jewelry. But, turns out, we just uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

At the recent JCK show, at booth after booth we saw attractive, impulse-worthy jewelry that retails under $500. In fact, affordable styles were the most important trend at the show this year. (We saw so many, and heard from so many exhibitors that these were the styles that were selling, that we will be featuring Finds Under $500 in every issue going forward.)

Of course, many of these well-priced styles are in sterling silver, like these bamboo-inspired designs from John Hardy, below.  These earrings, which retail for $295, are fashionable forward-facing hoops, a trend, with concentric shapes, another trend.  Add in natural texture and the fact that they are sterling and under $500 and you have a show-full of trends in one.
John Hardy Earrings

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