What is Glitter jewellery? | Why is One Gram Gold Jewellery famous?

What is Glitter jewellery? | Why is One Gram Gold Jewellery famous?

The fashion jewellery had become a part of the women ward robe and they are very cheaper than the gold ornaments. The women are getting attracted towards these as they are cheap and look more beautiful than the gold ornaments on any dress. There are many designs in the alternative jewellery for the gold ornaments and they are coming with stones and semi precious stones also. There is no difference between the real and duplicate jewellery in the market and they had become so popular. They used to keep the gold coating on the copper and silver for the gold plated ornaments and rold gold ornaments.

They used to use the gold which is of only 8-10 carats and they use 22-24 carats gold in the one gram gold ornaments. So the ornaments will have the exact shine as the original ones and they look alike. The ornaments are also good for long time and there are few ornaments which are made of silver to increase their quality and service. The rate of the ornaments depend on the types of stones used in them like kundans, semi precious stones, uncut diamonds etc. the people used to wear the designed ornaments only on festivals but now they are wearing these jewellery everyday. This type of jewellery had gained the attention of the customers and it will be in the market for a long time. This jewellery had become a boon for the middle class people.
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