Will the Bride Wear Black?

In its forecast of the “next big things in weddings” in the November/December 2008 issue, Brides magazine predicts that “white diamonds may delight but black is where it’s at this season.” The magazine says that the dark diamonds are most effective in a traditional setting. The spread features a rose-cut three-stone black diamond ring with a circle of white diamond pave around the center stone by Karen Karch.

If you trace all trends back to celebrities, you’ll have to blame this one on Carmen Electra, who sports a two-carat rose-cut black diamond and platinum engagement ring.
Will brides who haven’t appeared in Playboy really choose black to symbolize the marriage promise? In a market where every woman says she wants something unique but buys basic variations on a few classic themes, I doubt it.

Perhaps this should be filed under “reasons why you can’t depend on consumer magazines for trend advice.”
Brides Black Diamonds

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