Rihanna jewellery tends: hoop earring, star stud earrings

Rihanna tends to wear a lot of hoop earrings. They are usually gold or bamboo. She also likes sparkling dangling earrings. She has really good taste when it comes to them. Just like her fashion style, no one can wear Rihanna’s style of earrings. Her style is simple, but yet so complex.
She has also worn silver, star stud earrings. They are so small, but when the light hits them, you are sure to be blinded!

Rihanna is also a fan of the gold “door knocker” earrings. She wears these earrings when she’s just shopping about or posing for a casual photo shoot. She’s simply the best.
Her necklace-earring set made her stand out in a crowd. She was taking names and no prisoners this day! Rihanna wore silver earring/necklace piece that put her in the “weird” category along with Lady Gaga. The necklace consisted of four chains that went from one ear to the other and then hung like a necklace.
Rihanna is definitely a trend setter and not a follower. She wears her style and in her mind what fashion should be. She’s doing a great job. Everyone loves her and her crazy fashions!
Her diamond wing earrings are the talk of the fashion world. They look very nice on her. Needless to say, they are very unique. Don’t bother trying to copy this style though. These earrings are ridiculously expensive. They are known to be way over $10,000!
Rihanna keeps her fans and the rest of the world guessing what she’s going to do and what she will wear next.
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