Wearing a statement jewelry

Have you recently noticed jewelry getting bigger, necklaces the size of African tribal chest plates, mini chandeliers hanging off earlobes, or Malteser-sized pearls and beads?. These are all normal signs of the accessory trend du jour, referred to as ‘statement jewelry’. As the name suggests, these bold pieces of bling are designed to make a powerful statement.

Over the past two years, a huge number of jewelry and accessory stores such as Diva and Equip, have cropped up offering affordable costume jewelry. When the Global Financial crisis hit, many put the brakes on shopping for new clothes. Women soon re-discovered the power of accessories. Buying a new piece of jewelry was a simple, effective and budget-friendly way of updating an old look.
To wear a statement piece of jewelry, choose one key piece: a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. By wearing the one key piece, it becomes the focus of your outfit and doesn’t have to compete with any other jewelry. If however you wanted to wear earrings with an elaborate necklace, opt for something small and simple. Uber fashion stylist Rachel Zoe, Beyonce, Eva Mendez, Pink and Melissa George are all members of the statement jewelry fan club.
Key trends we are seeing include oversized gemstones, tasselled charms, chunky metallic cuffs, turquoise stones, tribal influenced chest plates covered in jewels and multi stranded necklaces dripping with eclectic charms and embellishments. When wearing bracelets, there’s no need to stop at one. Stacking two or more chunky bracelets on the one wrist instantly creates an eye catching and fashionable look.
jewelry designer Samantha Wills says about the current trends, “It’s all about vintage sparkle. Knocked back antique metals, emblazoned with crystals. A beautiful juxtaposition of mediums. It has a really old world Hollywood meets vintage feel”. A statement piece of jewelry can be worn to help emphasise or de-emphasise parts of your body. For example women who feel self conscious about their bottom or mid section, wearing a striking necklace or earrings will ensure all the attention is focused up top. Wearing a statement bracelet or anklet would draw attention to your waistline or below.
A statement piece of jewelry is also a great way to dress up a casual look, make an old outfit look new and a clever way to project your personality and individual style. Keep an eye out for statement pieces by Michelle Jank, Matt Weston, PeepToe, Sahan, Mink, Hollywood Style, Samantha Wills and ZoeMou.
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